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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Look at 'Head Start'

I'm looking forward to having the time to delve into some of the Civil Rights stuff more deeply when I finally work through the giant batch of photos I took at the Millsaps Homecoming. In the meantime, here's the text of an editorial that appeared in the "Jackson Daily News" on May 21, 1965. It was written by editor James W. Ward. It's another example of just how wide the gap between the races actually was 42 years ago.

A Look at ‘Head Start’

There is a disquieting aura, almost terrifying in its ultimate projection, hovering wraith-like above the Head Start phase of the federal government’s poverty program.

Head Start is specifically designed to include children, of all races and both sexes, from one to six years of age, considered underprivileged and in need of guidance and direction in pre-school preparation.

On the face of this undertaking, it appears to be most wholesome and humane, appealing to the most tender senses in assisting infant youngsters who otherwise might be relegated to slum dwelling influence, undesirable home background and lack of basic necessities.

However, as all federal programs are now designed, here is one of the most subtle mediums for instilling the acceptance of racial integration and ultimate mongrelization ever perpetrated in this country.

The most formative years of a child’s life are in this particular area, from 1 to 6, and the mixing of children of both races, and both sexes, will be of paramount importance in this program, with the children subconsciously registering such associations as natural and an indelible way of life in future years.

Naturally, the do-gooders and racists will immediately raise the loudest screams and sanctimonious objections to any such advanced objections, because such a program fits into the scheme of total integration and overlapping of the races which is being preached and taught throughout the United States today.

The most frightening parallel to these so-called Head Start programs, and they certainly are a head start toward a thorough conditioning of the young to the new race-thinking endorsed and encouraged by the federal government, are some similar programs which have been a part of some anti-American countries for years.

Soviet Russia has operated a children’s commune for years, this as a part of the education of both the pre-school child and the family, conditioning them to total Communism and dedication to the state.

Red China takes the young child, separating parent and children, for their peculiar brand of schooling, utilizing the early and impressionable years to instill the doctrine of blind obedience to designated leaders.

Hitler’s Germany built its most infamous Youth Corps and Nazi bullies from the children’s camps and goose-stepping schools of rigid political doctrine, and a constantly-taught regimentation.

Somewhere in this Head Start program, affecting the precious lives and minds of the most impressionable youth of this country, there is an ugliness which keeps making itself felt, well over the sound of crisp dollars being rustled as a conscience-appeaser.

The character of those officials designated to administer these projects, from the highest-placed post to the local day-to-day teacher, and their background should be of the highest, unquestioned dedication to the best interest of the children.

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