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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Millsaps Protesters from 1967

I suspect that anyone reading this blog is also reading my other blog, so you know that I'm am just swamped trying to finish up some Millsaps sports photos this week. While the logical thing might be to just not post anything for a week, I like to stay in the habit of 5 posts per week and I'm going to try and keep that up with a photo and a brief comment.

I found this photo in the Sovereignty Commission files. The Millsaps students identified in the photos are Doug Rogers, Mike Gwinn, David Atwood, and Alex Valentine. It's not 100% clear if they are listed in the 1, 2, 3 and 4 order that is written on the photo. I got to Millsaps in 1968 but I don't recognize any of these name. I wonder if any of them even realize that this photo exists and that they had a file in the state government operated Sovereignty Commission?


Brother Billy said...

Frank -- I recognize the students and they are correctly numbered. I taught Anthropology at Millsaps for two years before being terminated as of June 1968. These guys were among my favorite students.

I came across your blog because I was looking at the State Sovereignty Commission site after having come across a reference to a professor here in Albany NY who taught Sociology at Millsaps from 72 to 78. That led me to do some reminiscent site-seeing. Googling for "Millsaps" and "Mike Gwinn" led me to you.

I had forgotten about your father -- but I do remember his name. I scrolled through your other entries and had a warm "oh yeah!" reaction when I saw his picture in the 1964 Clarion-Ledger. (We liked to call it the Carrion-Liar.)

I have some comments I'll post about Bob Kochtitzky and about the Head Start program. If you start adding to this blog again, it might stir me to dredge up related stuff. I stayed in Jackson until 1971, pretty much full-time in the movement. And for another 3 years or so, I traveled back and forth from Illinois to Holmes County to work on a project there. So Mississippi has always been much on my mind. And a pivotal experience.

More later....

Bill Peltz/Albany NY

A. Boyd C. said...

I was pretty little at the time, but My dad used to tell the story about how Mayor Thompson called him and his dad saying if they didn't "do something" about those G.D. Millsaps students protesting downtown, he was going to arrest every G.D. one of them!

At one point they were going to form a human chain around the new capitol, but they didn't have enough people so they marched around it instead.

MPB did a documentary on the whole Head Start wars with Stennis et-al. They might sell it on DVD.